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About us

About us

Genius4Security is a Spac

G4S is pleased to lend its backing to iDentivisuals®, a company which combines the potential of biometric and cognitive technologies,
facial recognition, artificial intelligence and deep learning with a strong human background in business, psychology and human resources fields.
G4S also highlights the potential for iDentivisuals® technology to enhance First Responder performance.

G4S has developed some “first to market” cutting-edge patent pending solutions in the fields of the digital assessment of human behaviours and interactive simulation training systems that serve as a basis for customization to our first responders clients therefore guaranteeing scalability and fast response to urgent unmet needs in the market.

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AI technology is here to assist with the Solution

The use of AI technology will give the Police Department a much needed public make over and save lives and possibly minimizing the call to defund the departmants therefore saving them as much as 350 millions dollars annually.


The world’s first Emotional Climate Survey service

Specific know how has been developed in more than 25 years of work in the field of emotional recognition and technology applied to the assessment of human resources in the field.

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dynamic and static facial landmarks
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years of work in the field of emotional recognition
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