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Genius 4 Security Hosts NYC Press Conference and Reception as Mayor Adams of NYC Publishes Blueprint for Ending Gun Violence in the City

Join Us on Wednesday 2/2 from 5:30 – 7:00 pm at the Loews Regency Hotel for an Investor Reception and Press Conference. The directors of “Genius 4 Security” and parent company Identivisuals Srl will be interviewed by Monica Malapass for “New to the Street” which will air on Bloomberg TV as well as various networks […]
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Andreea Porcelli Hosts “Genius 4 Security” Investor Webinar on Friday 1/21 at 11:00 am EST/ 17:00 CET.

“Genius 4 Security” Launches Emotional AI Tools to Assist Police Departments and School Districts in HR Recruitment and Training. Andreea Porcelli was quoted: “We are excited about the opportunities being offered through Emotional AI to improve recruitment practices as well as ongoing training and supervision of Police Officers and Public School Educators in order to […]
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IDentivisuals – The ‘So What’ of Emotions applied to business

Swiss Growth Forum (SGF) is pleased to announce that it is initiating research coverage of iDentivisuals®, a company which combines the potential of biometric and cognitive technologies, facial recognition, artificial intelligence and deep learning with a strong human background in business, psychology and human resources fields. A research report entitled “The Power and Value of […]
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“Genius 4 HR” Launches their “Secure Genius” Emotional AI platform Aimed at Police Departments Currently Facing Personnel Challenges

Indentivisuals SA announced that it is launching a Program in the US aimed at improving Police Department identification of potentially violent or unruly officers by implementing their customised system for recruitment, retention and ongoing monitoring of officers on the force. Andreea Porcelli commented: “We are pleased to introduce this innovative system on Programs at a […]
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Join Andreea Porcelli, Ceo of SGF and Christian Candela, Ceo of iDentivisuals for a Nasdaq Interview december 8th from: 11:00 am – 5:30 pm est.

Join Andreea Porcelli , CEO fo SGF and Christian Candela, CEO of Identivisuals for a NASDAQ Interview at the NASDAQ Marketsite and Reception in NYC on Wednesday, December 8th from 11:00 am – 5:30 pm EST. Andreea Porcelli was quoted: “We are excited to host a. NASDAQ interview together with Jane King and Chris Candela […]
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“Genius 4 HR” completes EU Roadshow and engages law firm for Luxembourg public listing

Andreea Porcelli announced that the “Genius 4 HR” SPAC with Christian Candela, CEO of iIdentivisials has completed their EU Roadshow and is planning to start listing process on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange. Andreea Porcelli was quoted: “Genius 4 HR” SPAC will focus on applying Emotional AI solutions to some of the most pressing Employee Recruitment, […]
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