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Improving ‘first responders’ skill in responding to crime in their communities is essential to agency efforts to address each of these challenges

The application of AI technology has significant positive implications for First Responder organizations from both efficacy and cost perspective.

First Responder

The impact of excessive force has taken a strong social, financial, human resources, and community relations toll

Over $400 Million in damages were awarded in 2020 in US cases related to excessive force-a record year.

Liability Insurance rates are skyrocketing to cover these awards, just as an increase in crime further depletes budgets at local levels.

Career first responders are resigning their positions
 by the thousands, creating a skilled labor
shortage that exacerbates the limited resources
many departments must work with.

The application of AI technology

“First to market” cutting-edge patent pending solutions in the fields of the digital assessment of human behaviours and interactive simulation training systems that serve as a basis for customization to our first responders clients therefore guaranteeing scalability and fast response to urgent unmet needs in the market.

Currently, potential First Responder recruits are subject to vetting processes which rely on individual assessments by individual assessors, whose approaches may vary from
assessor to assessor and from force to force.

A typical review process may include some, or all, of the following: a cognitive assessment, analysis of performance at an assessment centre, a polygraphy test and a
psychological examination, all of wich rely on individual elements of human data gathering and opinion.

Improves the efficacy of all four of assessment, education, recruitment and training.

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